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Extract from the association's statutes

§ 1: Name, seat and field of activity

1) The association bears the name "Vita Activa - Academy of Applied Unemployment". International Society for Applied Unemployment Research and Scientific Education ”.

2) It has its seat in A-8362 Söchau, Söchau 92 and extends its activity to all of Austria.

3) The establishment of branch associations is not intended.

§ 1a: Principles

The association is politically independent, non-denominational and critical of ideology and rule. The association is committed to the basic values of nonviolence, solidarity, emancipatory democracy and human rights.

§ 2: Zweck

Scope of activity:
The association, whose activity is not aimed at profit, directs its attention

  • Conducting scientific research with emancipatory goals;

  • Promotion of emancipatory science;

  • Dissemination of scientific knowledge;

  • Promotion of local, national and international scientific understanding and cooperation;

§ 3: Means to achieve the purpose of the association

1) The purpose of the association should be achieved by the following non-material and material means.

2) Serve as ideal means

  • Creation of information pamphlets and publication of media
  • Organization of scientific events.
  • Conducting scientific studies as well as research and educational projects.
  • Technical and material support for scientific work (university theses etc.) in accordance with the purpose of the association.
  • Establishment of a scientific library and an archive for the unemployment movement.
  • Establishment and promotion of educational and research institutions as well as other institutions serving the purpose of the association;
  • Promotion of contacts and projects in the national and international area;

3) The necessary material resources should be raised by

  1. Entry fees and membership fees
  2. Income from events or from the company's own activities,
  3. Donations, subsidies, collections, bequests and other contributions.