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Election discussion: Human Rights City Graz, where remains the Social

Submitted by Vita Activa on Mon, 12/14/2020 - 10:25

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Social policy disputes had a major impact on the past year. It is therefore of particular concern to us that at the municipal elections in Graz, the city of human rights, the people concerned are finally able to speak for themselves and to be able to raise and express their concerns to politicians and to find out firsthand what the candidate lists will be in the next period want to contribute to solving socio-political challenges.

Therefore, “Vita Activa - Academy of Applied Unemployment” in cooperation with “Active Unemployed Austria - Regional Group Styria” invites you to the following discussion:

"Human Rights City Graz, where remains the Social?"

Monday, 23th Jannuary 2017, 18.00 - 21.00

Meeting room SZ 15.22, 2nd floor ReSoWi-Centre of the  University of Graz

Universitätsstraße 15, entrance Schubertstraße

See also the enclosed invitation.

We take democracy very seriously. Therefore, ALL campaigning parties will be represented either by their top candidates or by their social spokesmen.

Representatives of invited parties that have accepted (in alphabetical order):

  • Bauer Susanne - Social Democratic Party SPÖ
  • Kahr Elke - Communixt Party KPÖ
  • Maichin Rainer - Einsparkraftwerk ("Saving Power Plant)
  • Mariacher Gerhard - WIR Bürger ("We Citizens")
  • Petrovic Tatjana - List Petrovic
  • Pöschl Peter - Pirate Party
  • Rajakovics Wolfgang - Peoples Party (Conservatices) ÖVP
  • Sippel Armin - Freedome Party FPÖ
  • Swatek Niko - NEOS
  • Wirnsberger Tina – Green Party

Keynote speech: Univ.Prof. Wolfgang Benedek

We have the pleasure of inviting you or a representative of your esteemed medium and ask that the event be announced in your medium as well as your valuable reporting on this certainly exciting discussion.

Yours sincerely

Karin Rausch
Chairwoman “Vita Aktiva - Academy of Applied Unemployment”

Mag. Ing.Martin Mair
Chairman “Active Unemployed Austria”