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Book presentation "Social Racist Persecution in German Fascism"

Submitted by Vita Activa on Mon, 12/14/2020 - 09:52

Increasing public opinion in the government program against the poor, the unemployed and other groups of people marginalized by society shows that in the long run, racism is not "only" limited to foreigners and refugees.

Even when coming to terms with the Nazi past, “social fringe groups” are neglected, especially in Austria, even though the “anti-social commissions” only existed in Austria during the Nazi dictatorship.

In the previous year, Anne Allex et al. the extensive anthology “Social Racist Persecution in German Fascism. Children, adolescents, women as so-called "anti-social" - difficulties in remembrance. The focus is on the effects of (socially) racist Nazi social policy on children, young people and women who should be "eradicated" as "Aryan inferior" with deportations to workhouses, children's homes, psychiatric hospitals, concentration camps, forced sterilization and extermination through work or in death institutions . This anthology also shows that not only the state bureaucracy and the judiciary committed zealous complicity, but also bourgeois, apparently helping institutions and professions such as social workers.

We therefore not only want to present the really valuable book, but also discuss how we in Austria can make this topic, which is still massively repressed, visible and finally set in motion the lack of engagement with the past, which is still having an effect.

Thursday, 11th Ocotober 2018, 18:30
ÖGB-Fachbuchhandlung, Rathausstraße 21, 1010 Vienna
Book presentation "Social Racist Persecution in German Fascism"


  • Anne Alex, book editor, social law specialist, member of the working group "Marginalized - yesterday and today"
  • Martin Mair, communication scientist & philosopher, chairman "Active unemployed Austria"
  • Moderation: Karin Rausch, chairwoman "Vita Activa - Academy of Applied Unemployment"

Organized by “Active Unemployed Austria” and “Vita Activa - Academy of Applied Unemployment” in cooperation with the ÖGB specialist bookstore

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